András Liker is a biologist, his work focuses on behavioural ecology and evolutionary topics, using birds as model systems. Andras is a Professor at the University of Pannonia (Veszprém, Hungary), and is the leader of the MTA-PE Evolutionary Ecology Research Group. His current research investigates the relationships between skewed adult sex ratios and variation in parental sex roles and mating behaviour. He is also interested in the mechanisms generating skewed sex ratios in wild animal populations, like the causes of sex-biased mortalities. In cooperation with the Élvonal project, he currently initiated a study that investigates the demographic and life-history determinants of adult sex ratio in a unique sex role reversed shorebird, the pheasant-tailed jacana, in Taiwan.In another line of research, Andras combines field studies and lab experiments to investigate the effects of habitat urbanization on behaviour and reproduction of birds, using the great tit as a model species.