Grant McDonald is an evolutionary ecologist who got his PhD from the University of Oxford.  His previous work used a mixture of theoretical simulations and empirical research on polyandrous red junglefowl to explore how the complex structure of social and sexual interactions shapes patterns of sexual selection.  He recently joined as a post-doc working with András Kosztoláyni at the Department of Ecology, University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest (Hungary) studying the life history consequences of nest site selection in Kentish plover.

* Pizzari, T. and G. C. McDonald. 2019. Sexual selection in socially-structured, polyandrous populations: some insights from the fowl. Adv. Study Behav. 51. Pp 77-141.

* McDonald, G. C. and T. Pizzari. 2018. Structure of sexual networks determines the operation of sexual selection. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U. S. A. 115:E53–E61