Hela Boughdiri is a Tunisian ecologist who has a keen interest in wildlife conservation and ecosystem preservation since childhood. Hela previously studied a Master’s degree in Evolutionary Ecology at the Faculty of Sciences of Tunis-Tunisia (2020). Through the internships that she has carried during her studies, Hela became adept in caring a variety of native and exotic reptiles, experienced in their egg fertility testing, incubation, extraction of different embryonic stages and autopsy.

After her graduation Hela held the position of the Scientific and Conservation Manager of the biggest reptile park in the Mediterranean basin (Djerba-Tunisia) for a year.

Hela, recently worked on the Kentish plover in Tunisia in the context of a project with ÉLVONAL. Currently, she is a PhD student at the University of Debrecen- Hungary supervised by Prof. Tamas Székely where she will study specifically three species of Malagasy plovers and investigate the effect of climate change on their mating systems and demography.