The brief path that Oscar has walked in research began in Mexico in 2018, describing the distribution of dragonflies and damselflies in unexplored areas. In 2019 he made a stay in Galicia, Spain, where he did his first work on sexual selection and had his first experience working with the Kentish Plover.

As of 2021, Oscar is doing his master’s degree at the University of Debrecen (Hungary) under the supervision of Prof. Tamás Székely, investigating the causes and implications of the Darwin-Bateman Paradigm across taxa. Oscar plans to continue his Ph.D. investigating the effects of this paradigm on immunological and demographic changes using comparative phylogenetic analyses and plovers as the main model organism.

Oscar’s main projects are using comparative analysis on sexual selection processes, collecting behavioral and immunological shorebird data, and researching dragonfly evolution (, nonetheless, he is also currently involved in sociobiology and conservation biology research.