Sriman Delip Kumar Das is an Assistant Professor of Zoology at Jagannath University, Bangladesh where he teaches several courses of Zoology, wildlife and biodiversity conservation. He is passionate about conducting ecological research and conservation of the nature and wildlife. Birds are his main interest. Currently he is trying to understand the winter ecology and habitat use of threatened shorebirds in the Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna delta (central coast) of Bangladesh to help make a better policy to manage and conserve the threatened shorebirds.

He is also studying urban landscape and urban wildlife of Dhaka City seeking a solution to minimize negative impacts of urban growth on biodiversity, to integrate urban landscapes in wildlife conservation plans and to sustain a healthy urban ecosystem. His dream of life is to develop and establish an Ornithology lab in Bangladesh to study birds and to train and encourage new generation of people for birds and people.