Wondimu was born in Doyogena, SNNPRS, Ethiopia. He got his MSc diploma of Zoology in 2011 at Mekelle University. He was a staff member of biology department, Wachemo University, Ethiopia,and held biology courses to undergraduate students. Currently, he is doing his PhD studies in Biology at University of Debrecen, Hungary. His research interest includes population studies, behavioural and breeding ecology of shorebirds, mainly African Jacana.

His current study site is Lake Hawassa, one of the important bird areas of Ethiopia located in Sidama Region, Ethiopia.  Lake Hawassa is also one of the eight major Ethiopian Rift Valley lakes, covering an area of about 94 km2.  The Lake lies between 649′ – 715′ N latitudes and 3817′ – 3844′ E longitudes with an elevation range of 1685 m.a.s.l at Hawassa town and 2,940 m above sea level at Kululu Ridge, southeast of the catchment, and is encircled by various mountains.