Zsófia graduated as biologist at University of Debrecen in 2015. During her PhD, she was working with passerines in wetland and in forest as well. Her main interest is the proximate mechanisms of life-history evolution focusing mostly on stress-physiology and breeding ecology. She investigated especially the role of insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1), corticosterone and the condition dependent interaction between those hormones in shaping stress response, also the effect of IGF-1 on parental care.

As the database manager of ÉLVONAL SHOREBIRD SCIENCE, her main task is to set up and to maintain the database. She is responsible for organising of collected data, and data preparation before publication (eg. assign DOI number to the given data set). Within the confine of ÉLVONAL project, she will investigate the effect of sperm competition on breeding success and parental care and the underlying mechanisms of this process.