written by Fanni Takács

We had an informal meeting with a group of our collaborators at Sheffield University. We entitled this workshop to discuss our experiences about the past spring fieldwork season, 2019. As well as to introduce  new collaborative teams to our current co-working fellows, such as teams from Algeria, Tobseda, Taiwan.

During this fruitful event we raised and discussed how to solve fundamental issues that appeared whether during planning or concluding fieldwork.

This workshop, couldn’t have happened without the help of Dr Rob Freckleton and Dr Vojtech Kubelka. It was again a good experience, that highlighted the practical need and joy of personal discussion and meeting.

In the name of ÉLVONAL core team thank you for your participation:

Dr Rob Freckleton, Dr András Liker, Dr Sami Timonen, Sriman Delip Kumar Das, Claire E. Tanner, Naerhulan Halimubieke, Kees Wanders, Allison Pierce and Badis Bakhouche.

 ELVONAL Summer meeting, Sheffield 2019

From the left:  Sriman Delip Kumar Das, Fanni Takács, Claire E. Tanner, Naerhulan Halimubieke,   Prof Tamás Székely, Dr Rob Freckleton Dr Vojtech Kubelka, Dr Sami Timonen, Dr András Liker