written by Fanni Takács

We had an informal meeting with a group of our collaborators at Groningen University. We entitled this workshop to introduce and discuss our ÉLVONAL Project’s objectives and tasks to fulfil the upcoming field season. During this fruitful event we listened to talks presenting each of our previous work and interest in science, especially in terms of conservation biology, demography, ecology and ethology.

This workshop, that couldn’t have happened without the help of Dr Jan Komdeur and his team, highlighting the practical need for personal discussion and meeting.

In the name of ÉLVONAL core team thank you for your participation:

Dr Jan Komdeur, Dr Natalia Karlionova, Dr Brett Sandercock, Dr Götz Eichhorn, Dr András Liker, Claire E. Tanner, Xiaoyan Long, Naerhulan Halimubieke, José Valdebenito.

From the left: Dr Brett Sandercock, Dr Natalia Karlionova,Dr András Kosztolányi, Prof Tamás Székely, Dr Vojtech Kubelka, Naerhulan Halimubieke, Fanni Takács