written by Fanni Takács

 To understand mating system evolution of shorebirds, our team is running a 5 year research project based in Debrecen, Hungary.

To overview the progress with the project, we organised our 4th annual conference, this time it was an online event. The event had 125 registered participants, 39 pre-recorded talks from 29 presenters, from 18 countries.

As our project evolves we found that in addition to the detailed overviews of collaborative research teams’ development, it is essential to organise and share our expertise on the most concerned topics we as a project are all involved in. These are i) nest fate determination, ii) trapping techniques and iii) behavioural observations, which themes were discussed during targeted webinars led by invited speakers with diverse experiences in their given topic.

In the name of organisers and ÉLVONAL Project core team thank you very much for being part of this virtual conference.

The IV. ÉLVONAL Conference programme is available here.

Please follow this link to our conference report: https://www.waderstudygroup.org/news/report-of-the-fourth-elvonal-shorebird-science-conference-virtual-event-8-9-january-2021/