The location of the study site is here:

Turov Meadow is a biological reserve of local importance an Important Birds Area (IBA) located in South Belarus. It’s a breeding place for rare species such as Terek Sandpiper, Black-tailed godwit, Great snipe, Lapwing, Ringed plover, Marsh sandpiper, Redshank.
It’s the largest water meadow in Europe and an important place to stop on migratory way of many water bird species. The number of Ruffs at the peak of migration season sometimes exceeds more than 120 000.

Turov Ringing Station is located right on the outskirts of the Meadow. That allows us to do effective and field-oriented research close to the object of study. For 20 years we ringed more than 40000 waders and carry out continuous investigations in fields of breeding success as long as migration of birds.